What is NTP? Client NTP settings on Mikrotik

What is NTP? Client NTP Settings on Microtik – Anyone know what is NTP (Network Time Protocol)? Surely many people don’t know what Network Time Protocol is. NTP does sound strange to people who are not very familiar with computer networks. Okay, to learn more about What is NTP (Network Time Protocol) and its application in Microtics, please refer to the following NTP:

Definition of NTP
Network Time Protocol, or more commonly referred to as NTP, is a mechanism or protocol used to synchronize timers in a computer system and network. This synchronization process is carried out in data communication lines that typically use the TCP / IP communication protocol. So that this process itself can be seen as an ordinary data communication process that only exchanges data packets.

NTP uses UDP number 123 communication port. This protocol is designed to work well even though the communication media varies, ranging from those with high to low latency, ranging from cable media to air media. This protocol allows computer devices to still be able to synchronize time very precisely in various media. Usually in a network, several nodes are equipped with NTP facilities in order to form a synchronization subnet. The nodes will then communicate with each other and synchronize their time recorded. Even though there are several nodes that will become master (primary server), the NTP protocol does not require the selection mechanism.

Network Time Protocol Client settings in Mikrotik
Under certain conditions Microtic Routers must work based on time, both date, day and hour. For example, if you want to block internet access outside working hours or block some sites at certain hours. If you use a PC as a Microtic Router this is certainly not a problem, because the computer motherboard has a battery installed that can maintain time configuration. But on the Microtic RouterBoard that does not have internal storage, the configuration time will be messed up every time the router restarts.

Well, to avoid inaccurate configuration of this time, then the Microtic Router needs to be configured Network Time Protocol (NTP). Microtic routers need to know the NTP server that is on the Internet and will try to adjust the configuration of the time on the NTP Server. To synchronize the time configuration on the Mikrotik Router, you can use an NTP Server for Indonesia with IP Address

For more convenience, you can use Winbox to setup the NTP Client. Open Winbox, go to the System menu -> NTP Client, as shown below:

Check the Enabled -> Mode: unicast -> Primary NTP Server:

Or you can also use the command line:
([admin @ MikroTik])> client set primary ntp system – ntp = enabled = yes mode = unicast

Next set the time on the proxy by going to the System menu -> Clock, as shown below:

Or you can also use the command line:
([admin @ MikroTik])> set time-zone-name = Asia / Jakarta clock system

Now configure the time your Microtic Router is appropriate.

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