Tutorial on How to Reset Microtics

There are various reasons for us to do microtic reset. Starting from forgetting the password (Password reset), to return to the default conditions, until the system refreshes. Well, for those of you who want to reset the proxy, here are 3 ways to reset the proxy. Please see:

  • The first way

The first way is through the console or Winbox. Enter the console and do the command:

/system reset

later there will be a question whether we really want to reset, just answer Y (es).
with the above command, our proxy will be set to the default configuration which is usually port ether2 given dhcp with ip

sometimes the default configuration is actually annoying for our future configuration. my advice is just throwing away the basic configuration. The way to get rid of it is if we already reset it with the above method, later when we enter via Winbox there is a pop-up whether we will discard the initial configuration or not. the second way so that when we reset does not make the initial configuration, the request is

/system reset-configuration no-default=yes

  • Second way

The second way is to press the reset button. Please look for the reset button because each routerboard has different places but usually there is a small hole in the routerboard and must be pricked using a tool because it can’t be directly with the fingers, usually I use the tip of the pen to stab it, but be careful not to be too strong because the button is vulnerable. Slowly but feel the “tek” sound because the button has been pressed. Many beginners are hard pressed until the button is dislodged. The way to reset it is swallow the reset button and do not remove it, then unplug and install the power so that the routerboard is on. wait a while until the light blinks. After that restart the routerboard.

How to Reset Microtic RB750

  • Remove the power cable
  • Press the reset button without being released, then plug the power cord in the condition that the reset button is still pressed
  • Wait until the ACT light stops flashing
  • Try checking with Winbox

How to Reset Microcomputer RB RB750 / RB951 / RB751

All current RouterBOARD models also have a reset jumper hole. Some devices may need to open the chassis to reset, RB750 / RB951 / RB751 have a jumper hole under one of the rubber feet on the case.
Use: Close the jumper with a metal screwdriver, and reboot so that the configuration is deleted.

How to RB133 Microtic Reset

Note: For RB133, don’t forget to remove the jumper after the configuration is reset, or your proxy will continue to reset every time you reboot.

  • Third way

If the two methods above don’t work, the third way is to open the case and do the jumpers. Search on the pcb routerboard for a circular brass plate but cut it off as if it were two semicircular faces. Just press with a screwdriver or other delivery object so that the two semicircles are connected.

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