How to Make Microtic Hotspots: Basic Mikrotik Hotspot Settings

How to Make a Hotspot on Mikrotik: Mikrotik Hotspot Basic Settings – Microtic Router is a router that has full features. One feature that is quite popular and widely used from the Microtic Router itself is Hotspot. Do you know the difference between ordinary internet sharing and Hotspots? Maybe you often find wifi internet signals that are passworded using WPA or WEP. You will be able to surf if you enter the password correctly. So anyone can access the wifi if they know the password because there is only one password. Unlike the Hotspot method, where most WiFi hotspots are not in the password and all users can connect then they will be directed to the login page in the Web Browser. Each user can log in with a different username and password. This method is what we often find in wifi cafes, schools, campuses, and other public areas.

Now, we will discuss the Indonesian Mikrotik Tutorial by trying to make and set the proxy as a Hotspot. But before you need to know what are the advantages of Hotspot by using Mikrotik. By using Mikrotik as a Hotspot, you can configure a wireless network that can only be used with a specific username and password. You can also manage these users. For example, set the duration of the total use of hotspots per user, limit how much data can be downloaded per user, set what content users can access, etc.

Okay, I already know what the advantages and features of the proxy hotspot are. Now, go to Balajar Mikrotik directly to the practice. We start with the basic hotspot configuration first.

  • Determine the interface that the hotspot will create. Because we will make a hotspot via wifi then select interface wlan. Here I assume using wlan1. Activate wlan1 and use AP Bridge mode, fill in the SSID with the name of your hotspot.

Give the IP address interface wlan1, for example

([[email protected]])> ip address add address = interface = wlan1

Or it can be through Winbox, enter the IP menu -> Address

  • Now we start creating a Hotspot for WLAN1. For simplicity, we use the Hotspot Setup wizard. Enter the IP menu -> Hotspot -> Hotspot Setup
  • Select Hotspot Interface: wlan1 -> click Next
  • Next fill in the IP address of wlan1 and check Masquerade Network. click Next
  • Determine the IP address range that will be given to the user (DHCP Server), for example: So the user will be given an IP automatically by the DHCP Server between the IP range.
  • Select SSL certificate. Select none, click Next.
  • The IP Address for the SMTP Server is blank. Click Next.
  • Enter the DNS Server address. Just fill in with Google’s DNS Server: and Click Next.
  • Enter the DNS name for the local hotspot server. If filled, it will replace the IP address of wlan1 as the login page url. If it is not filled then the login page url will use the IP address of wlan1. Just clear it, click next.
  • The hotspot has been successfully created. Please try to connect your laptop to your wifi hotspot.
  • Open a browser and access any web, for example then you will be redirected to the proxy hotspot login page.
  • Please try logging in with username: admin and password: blank.
  • If successful login means that the Hotspot is correct.
  • To edit and add users, please enter the IP menu -> Hotspot -> click the Users tab

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