How to Configure a Mikrotik DNS Server

How to Configure a Mikrotik DNS Server – Maybe you have often heard the term DNS Server. DNS (Domain Name System) The server functions to map the web hostname or domain on the Internet to its IP address (to be an IP address). For the record, computer networks (including the internet) communicate using IP addresses not with domain names such as .com, .net, .org, etc. That is why to configure a user computer or router that will access the internet DNS server, it must be configured first. If not, then the site to be addressed cannot be accessed because the IP address cannot be identified.

To configure the DNS Server on Microtik you can setup it via the command line or via Winbox. The following is an example of giving DNS Server (Google’s DNS) command:

([[email protected]]) > ip dns set servers= allow-remote-requests=yes

Check whether the DNS settings are entered.
([admin @ MikroTik])> ip dns print
allow-remote-requests: yes
max-udp-packet-size: 4096
cache-size: 2048KiB
cache-max-ttl: 1w
cache-used: 9KiB

In the command above, mean allow-remote-requests = yes is going to make your Mikrotik Router as a DNS Server too. So that later the DNS configuration on the user’s computer is simply directed to the Mikrotik Router, and is no longer directed to Google’s DNS Server or ISP, or other. This can save Bandwidth usage because DNS questions will only be given to your Microtic Router.

For simplicity you can use Winbox to configure the DNS Server on Mikrotik via the IP menu -> DNS -> Settings button, the display will appear like this:

You should configure more than one DNS server, so that when the first server is down we can still use the second server. You can enter the DNS server as shown above or through the command line with the following command:

([admin @ MikroTik])> ip dns set servers =, allow-remote-requests = yes

After the DNS Server on Mikrotik has been configured, the Mikrotik Router should be able to connect to the internet. Check the connection to the internet by pinging websites like

Use Ctrl + C to stop the ping process.

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