Forgot Mikrotik Username & Password? This is the solution

Solution See the Mikrotik Username and Password if You Forget – Humans can not be separated from the disease FORGET. Yes, you may have forgotten your Mikrotik password or forgot the Mikrotik username. Forgotten Mikrotik username and password is indeed common and often happens especially if we do not save the Mikrotik login data. But you don’t need to worry because if you forget the Mikrotik login username and password, both of them can be recovered by utilizing Mikrotik backup files and Mikrotik Backup Password Recovery services from the site.

Okay, here’s how to recover Mikrotik username and password with Mikrotik Password Recovery Tool:

  • Make sure you still save the backup file from the Microtic Router that you forgot the password.
  • Enter the site
  • Click Choose File and select your Mikrotik backup file -> Click Submit.
  • Then your Mikrotik Username and Password will appear as shown above.

If this method cannot be used maybe because there are no backup files from your proxy, another way is to reset your Microtic Router

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